This installation features as a central motif, the image of a white horse approaching the camera in an endless loop. Overlaid on this image are constantly shifting veils of imagery gleaned from the artist’s photographs, paintings and drawings, as well as excerpts from her previous video works. The dream-like mood is enhanced by the natural sounds of wind and water, and an evocative violin tune. Creating a contemplative and dream-like space, the interplay of images and sound may call up the viewer’s own dreams and reflections. Journey examines the notion of perseverance through obstacles, and the recuperative power of disrupting the flow of time through repetition and looping images. Usually shown large-scale in a gallery setting.



5:20 minutes


Premiere exhibition, EMMEDIA, Calgary, 2014; Gallery of Media Arts, various locations in Alberta, 2015; Large projection on office building in GLOW Downtown Winter Lights Festival, 2019.

Journey recently won an award in the International Documentary category at the Equus Film & Arts Fest, originating in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and touring to Denver, Colorado and other cities in the U.S. and Canada in 2024.