sweeping change

Inserting her presence as a woman artist, Vida enacts several ritualistic actions,  intervening in a formal architectural space that carries a strongly masculine heritage as a college for male students and a sanctuary for persecuted Catholic priests. In this return to live performance after some years, Vida performs several actions: divining with copper rods, measuring and taking compass readings, and creating a large salt circle to investigate “what lies beneath” and to recuperate and reclaim the space. Meanwhile, Pauline Cummins performed actions relating to abuses of children in Irish parishes, finishing by sweeping the courtyard with a large birch branch. The artists suggest alternative histories that may be invoked in the present.




In 2-person exhibition, Between One and Another with Pauline Cummins, courtyard of the Irish Cultural Centre, Paris. Screenings of video works over a 20-year period by both artists also shown in main gallery and hallways of the Centre. Supported by the ICC and the Canadian Cultural Centre in Paris. Curator Sheila Pratschke